There’s been a high profile murder in Norwich city centre and the Police are looking for some talented private investigators to help solve the crime. Can you help catch the culprit in time?!

What can we tell you after we embarked on the Mayor Murder Mystery from City Escape Games as a family recently? Well, not that much… because that would spoil it for you! We’ll try to give you the jist however…

Simply put, we really enjoyed the experience.

You book online (£24.99 at time of writing), and play the game itself on a smartphone (Android or iOS).

A self-guided game, once you hit ‘Play’, the clock starts counting up (you get an hour, though you can complete it at your leisure). There are 10 cryptic clues to solve, leading you around the streets of Norwich city centre (outdoors and socially distanced – the perfect activity for right now!). You get more than one attempt at each clue (in case you get it wrong the first time) and you can also choose to get a ‘hint’ if you need a little more help.

The whole Game unfolds via the web-app, and a group or team can all play on the one device (as we did) or team members can play the same game on multiple devices.

Over the course of the hour, you’ll cover about 1.5 miles, taking in some of Norwich’s most notable sights in an interesting and whistle-stop way.

We found the clues suitably challenging. The Game says it is level ‘easy’… I wouldn’t disagree, but I’d say it was bordering on the ‘moderate’. See what you think… Though we never used the ‘hint’ feature, we did input the incorrect answer at first on at least one occasion.

The pace over the distance you cover is brisk, but our youngest is 8 years old and managed fine (exercise and enjoyment – great!).

Marvellously, for my super-competitive nature, we successfully solved the ‘crime’ in 54 mins 40 seconds. That was reasonable to my mind – lord knows how some of the people on the leaderboard completed in it just over 30 minutes! Much respect…

The Mayor Murder Mystery was a fun, fast-paced activity that is a great way to see the City, challenge yourself and get some exercise outdoors.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. In fact, we’ll be trying out the newest City Escape Game – Midtown Mural Madness – soon.

It’s the perfect way to Enjoy Norwich!

Click here for details and to book a game.