About Enjoy Norwich

Our mission is to showcase the best that Norwich has to offer (including some real gems that even locals might not already know about).

It’s amazing how you can live in a place and still not really know it.

Norwich-born, we left to explore the wider world for a few years. Returning years later to rejoin it’s easy-paced, friendly lifestyle, we found that there were many fantastic and interesting places that we were unaware of. We also noticed that a whole bunch of wonderful new places to eat, drink, shop and stay had arrived while we were away.

Surprised by the lack of visibility or publicity of information about such places, we saw the need for a resource where they could all be accessed easily, in one place. We decided to launch a series of unfussy, independent, local websites that showcased the very best that Norwich and Norfolk had to offer. An insider’s guide, if you will, curated by people who had actually experienced the restaurant, hotel or attraction they were telling you to visit. We don’t include everything; just things we think we’d happily and enthusiastically recommend to a good friend.

Hence, EnjoyNorwich.com was born. That was back in early 2007.

We wanted to make our websites simple but beautiful, current, and helpful to residents of the region and visitors alike. We also use social media such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to spread the word.

A self-funding, independent resource, EnjoyNorwich.com is owned and operated by Norwich-based Company Bishy B Industries Limited. Bishy B Industries was founded in 2006 by people who were born and grew up in Norwich and who want to highlight its unique and high quality attractions.

We’re always learning, evolving and growing, and obviously, we’re still enjoying Norfolk. The best place to live in the World.

Want to know more or showcase your business by becoming a Member of Enjoy Norwich? Contact us or give Andrew a call on 07799 537023.

Meet The Team

This is us: Andrew & Steph. We were born in Norwich and live there now, regularly reviewing each inclusion to ensure that you have a truly wonderful experience in this Fine City.

Andrew and Steph at a rainy Royal Norfolk Show.

Enjoy Our Family

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