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Interesting Places and Attractions To Visit Norwich

St Georges Distillery

Tours at St Georges Distillery English Whisky

The distillery and visitor centre lie just off the B1111 at Roudham amongst a grove of cricket bat willows. In addition to the fascinating distillery, shop and coffee shop, there is extensive ‘green’ space to walk and picnic or to simply sit and reflect on the fact that history is being made along with whisky, as it is once again produced in England.

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Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral.

Norwich Cathedral needs very little by way of introduction. For the better part of a millennium, this Norman building has dominated the Norwich skyline, a testament to the original importance attributed to this fine city.

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Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade Norwich.

Long before shopping malls became fixtures in every town and City, Victorian shopping arcades offered the last word when it came to indulging in retail therapy. Situated between Gentleman's Walk and Castle Street in the centre of Norwich, the Royal Arcade still provides an elegant shopping experience with it’s stunning architecture and combination of unique and speciality shops.

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