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English Whisky extremely limited release.

English Whisky Release The Founders Private Cellar Final Signature

What is The Founders Private Cellar Final Signature?

English Whisky Co Founder James Nelstrop sadly passed away last year but before he became too ill, he instigated a final bottling chosen from the families private stock; these were his favourite two casks. This will be the last bottling ever to carry James’ signature and to commemorate this, the Norfolk-based English Whisky Co are releasing their most exclusive whisky to date in spectacular style.

Only 238 cases will be available worldwide of this extremely limited release, which becomes available from Thursday 26th March 2015 at a price of £795.00.

The Package Includes:

  • One Leather Suitcase
  • One Bottle of Single Malt Whisky matured in a Rum Cask, Cask Strength
  • One Bottle of Peated Single Malt Whisky matured in a Sherry Cask, Cask Strength
  • Four Engraved Glass Tumblers
  • One Red China Water Jug
  • One Founders Autobiography
  • Two Certificates of Authenticity (one for each bottle)

English Whisky Founders Private Cellar Final Signature package.

Andrew Nelstrop, owner of The English Whisky Co. commented,

“This is a particularly poignant and special release for The English Whisky Co. Not only is it extremely personal, as this will be the last whisky chosen for bottling by the distilleries’ founder, my father James; we also believe it is the oldest English Whisky ever to be released to the public. The whisky is incredibly rare and special and a real tribute to our distillers”

The English Whisky Co. Ltd have continued their year on year award winning streak by producing the best whisky in Europe according to Jim Murray, author of the famous Whisky Bible which was released earlier this year.

In what is a real coup for English (& Norfolk!) whisky,  The English Whisky Co. not only produced the winning European whisky but also produced a further 14 whiskies that were deemed worthy of the coveted “Liquid Gold” Award which is presented only to whiskies scoring 94 points or higher each year.

The English Whisky Company distills four days a week, for 44 weeks of the year, producing around 150,000 bottles of whisky.

The English Whisky Co.

St. George’s Distillery, Harling Road, Roudham,

Norwich, NR16 2QW.

Tel: 01953 717939.

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