Now residents and visitors alike can ‘Enjoy Norfolk’ anywhere, thanks to the new Enjoying Norfolk Podcast, ‘Norfolk & Good’.

Launched earlier this month, and free to download from all the usual places you get Podcasts (Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts…), Norfolk & Good is a weekly dose of relaxed and unrehearsed Norfolk-centric chat with Hosts Andrew and Steph (us – both Norfolk born and bred!). Each episode lasts less than an hour (usually around half an hour) and covers a different theme each week, often with guests from local Norfolk businesses or organisations.

Currently available episodes include “Smells of Norfolk’ and ‘Lockdown Food’.

Listeners are encouraged to make a note of the places and activities that we mention, for later when you’re looking for new things to do in Norwich and Norfolk.

Each episode is supported by material on the Enjoying Norfolk Instagram account, including visual guides and stories.

People can experience this local connection to Norfolk while working out, taking a daily walk or catching up with household chores. We hope that listeners will find Norfolk & Good the perfect distraction from doom scrolling and an activity that provides some light relief from the current global status of gloom.

Listen to Norfolk & Good here or wherever you get your Podcasts.