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Our GoGoHares trail selfie.

Go Go Hares Trail In A Day

As a family, we love a good walking trail, and in previous years we’ve devoured the ‘Go Go’ trails that happen in the Fine City in aid of Break at the earliest opportunity.

This year was a bit different, however. Due to the intense hot or wet weather there never seemed to be a suitable time to get stuck in to the GoGoHares trail happening this summer. Until this week…

On August Bank Holiday Monday we tackled the entire Norwich City Trail of 50 Hare sculptures. It took all day (almost 7 hours – including several stops for food and drink) and we walked almost 14 miles (that’s over half marathon distance – and boy did I feel it the next day), or 25, 000 steps.

Our Go Go Hares walking map.

Steps walked on the Go Go Hares trail.

At each Hare we took a family selfie. It had to be a selfie – wonky and ‘in the moment’, not well posed, despite several lovely people offering to take our picture for us. I’m going to collate them all and make a photobook for posterity.

Despite the extreme length of the walk, our boys (10 and 6) barely complained once, absolutely immersing themselves in the spirit of the thing. They were still running enthusiastically towards the sculptures as we approached our very last Hare (‘Norse Hare’ – in Norwich Market). I was so proud of them.

It was a super way to spend a Summer Holiday Bank Holiday and – selfie-taking aside, a really wholesome, ‘unplugged’ way to spend quality time together.

And now, having seen all 50 hares up close, here is my personal Top 10 (just mine – I can’t speak for the rest of my family… though general consensus suggests Number 1 is universally popular):

  1. Haremione (Hare number 16 on the Trail)

  2. George The Watchmaker (17)

  3. Hare-rae Busta (15)

  4. Honey Bunny (23)

  5. Chocohare (34)

  6. Narni-Hare (12)

  7. Emhareald (48)

  8. Professor Hare and his Magic Library (29)

  9. Art-Hare (45)

  10. Norvicenses Salientes ‘ Sally’ (37)

These choices are largely based on my simply loving the artwork on these hares. I also love the details: Chocohare, with it’s bitten ear and foil wrapper, and the tiny red book in the pocket of Professor Hare in Cathedral close.

Here are my Top 10 Hares in pictures:


Which is your favourite?

The GoGoHares and Moongazers Sculpture Trails are on until 8th September across Norwich and Norfolk. The project will help to fund Norfolk charity, Break which supports vulnerable children, young people and families.

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