At A Glance:

  • Outside Escape Room game
  • Gets you out and about around Norwich
  • Teams or individuals can play
  • Played on a Smartphone
  • Great activity for older families (pre-teens and up)

Norwich City Escape Games

Why limit yourself to playing escape room games between four walls with no windows? There’s a beautiful city out there to explore!

See the sights of Norwich at your own pace with City Escape Games, leading you and your friends on a self-guided adventure. Crack codes and solve mysteries across the Fine City as you embark on a journey to solve a high-profile murder in aid of Norfolk Constabulary, who have recruited you as private investigators for the swift resolution of this case.

Visit the City Escape Games website and buy your game to play any time in the following 30 days. Once you’ve got your team together, head to the starting point and load it up – it’s time to catch the culprit!

Teams of detectives can comprise between 2-6 people and the aim of the game is to solve the case. The game takes players through scenic routes of Norwich city totalling 1.5 miles on foot, and offers the opportunity to experience Norwich through fresh eyes: spotting details that had previously gone unnoticed and enriching player’s knowledge of the city.

More than 6 people in your group? Split the teams and compete against each other in a race against the clock!

Access to a smartphone with plenty of charge and a healthy appetite for challenge is all you need to get started. Compete for the best time or take it at your own pace and really make a day of the game.

City Escape Games work for all abilities, competitive tendencies and Norwich-knowledge levels. Tourists and locals alike can tackle the trickery and engage in the enigma in a race to the top 0f the leader-board.

Exercise your mind and your body; and enjoy all that Norwich has to offer on the way.

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