At A Glance:

  • Truffles in many fabulous flavours
  • Bespoke Loaded Brownies
  • Delivered to your door
  • Handcrafted in Norfolk

MAMA BAKES Norfolk: Awesome truffles and more, handcrafted in Norfolk.

Markéta at MAMA BAKES Norfolk started creating delicious treats for Norfolk at the end of 2020. And, we are SO pleased she did.

All her delicious products are handcrafted and you can really see that all her heart and dedication goes into making them. Markéta has a patisserie background and loves experimenting with new flavours and creating something a little different. She is also a big supporter of local farms and produce, sourcing ingredients locally, as much as she can.

Each box of truffles is unique in design and usually offers 5 flavours, but they can be all customised.

MAMA BAKES Norfolk currently has a range of 12 flavours with 20 more planned!

Markéta also creates amazing, completely customisable ‘Loaded Brownies’, fudge and cupcakes. We are sure that even more deliciousness will be added to her range in time.

Head over to the MAMA BAKES Norfolk Facebook Page and try Markéta’s sweet treats for yourself. All products are delivered directly to your door.