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  • Tailored holistic tuition for children
  • Learning through experiences
  • Putting Children at centre of their own evolution
  • Learning support for primary age children +

Tree Fish: Holistic Tuition.

Tree Fish offers tailored, holistic tuition and learning support for children of primary age and beyond (older students can be catered for depending on their needs). Support can be provided across curriculum subjects and for wellbeing, in individual, small group, or school settings.

The philosophy of Tree Fish is based on the quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Makes perfect sense to us.

According to them, every single person on this Earth is unique, with their own matrix of skills, knowledge, experiences and personality traits; so it makes sense that in learning and growing the mindset, children may need different settings and approaches to enable them to thrive.

Tree Fish is not just about learning in the academic sense, it is about nourishing the roots and evolving the core of the child; to facilitate, empower and motivate them to discover the endless possibilities that exist within their own minds, and to understand how to embrace these.

Learning through experiences can help build self-esteem, general wellbeing and create a sense of achievement. For example, developing use of the voice through vocal exercises (singing and speaking), using stories and other texts as a basis for understanding and linking concepts, expressing oneself through creative writing (including songs and poetry), designing and creating artwork, exploring nature, choreographing dance routines, reading to a pet, etc. Experiential learning could be the key to your child’s grasp of more academic subjects, boosting their confidence in the process.

The ethos of Tree Fish is to keep children at the centre of their own evolution. To consider the ‘whole’ child, and to equip them with the skills and attitudes needed to become positive, confident and resilient individuals, who value themselves and the world around them. What a wonderful philosophy.

Tree Fish

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