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Nick & Josh Actors Nick Nine Days of Wonder

Nick’s 9 Days of Wonder

Six years ago Nick and his wife Katie met a very funny, charming and talented actor called Josh Mills.


Nick, Josh & Katie


Together they toured a number of comedy plays around schools in Europe and became good friends.


Nick & Josh Actors


In March 2019, it will be a year since they lost Josh at the early age of 28. He died very suddenly from SADS, sudden arrhythmic heart syndrome, a condition he did not know existed.

Whilst on tour together, Nick and Josh performed as famous Shakespearean actors, Will Kempe and Richard Burbage. It is 419 years since Will Kempe famously danced from London to Norwich over 9 days and declared it his ‘9 Days Of Wonder’. In memory of Josh, Nick will be departing from The Globe Theatre London on the 27th February to recreate this feat by Morris Dancing 118 miles from London, through the counties of Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk and finishing in Norwich on Thursday 7th March.


Nick and Josh Shakespearean Actors


On arriving in Norwich, Nick will be hosting a charity comedy show at The Garage Theatre. The evening will include sketches from different comedy groups, including Josh’s improvisation troupe ‘Shoot From The Hip’.


Just Joshin The Garage Theatre Norwich


With your help they are looking to build awareness of SADS and raise as much money as possible to help fund new research into the condition.

Please dig deep and give what you can. We all have a heart and this a wonderful cause we can all get behind. Thank you.

Please Donate Here – Nick’s Nine Days of Wonder

Follow Nick’s journey on Intagram – @nicks9daysofwonder



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