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Feather Down Family Days

Lighting by candlelight.

Feather Down Farms have already received extensive coverage in the media and on family-orientated websites and forums. Dubbed 'camping for yummy mummies), or simply 'glamping', they promise 'the most unique holiday you can experience in Britain today'. Conveniently for us, a Feather Down Farm opened in Norfolk just above the Suffolk border only this April. What luck!

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Norwich – A Fine, Cultured City

Red Ball at Norwich Fire Station.

Despite the comedic stereotype of a Norfolk-yokel to shun 'outsiders' and mock the arty or new, we are actually a City that thrives on, and embraces, high culture. Though we're not overly optimistic (sorry), football may 'come home' this summer. Perhaps in 2013, culture will come home as well...

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Perfect Day (By Norfolk)

Bircham Windmill

These are politically charged and economically fearful times. Everything has to be bigger, faster, brighter, and prefixed with a 'i-'. Time, which, for us, also mean trying to balance running a small business in a tough climate with bringing up a happy child, oftentimes with far too little sleep. Despite this, days out like this still exist here in Norfolk to warm the soul and lift the spirits, long after the last laugh has died away.

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