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Norwich Cathedral in Flo Motion

We were delighted to be some of the first people to see the gorgeous new film of Norwich Cathedral yesterday when it launched at OPEN in Norwich yesterday.

Made by Norwich-based BAFTA winning and Emmy nominated (BBC Planet Earth 2) filmmaker Rob Whitworth, and gifted to Norwich Cathedral to use in its own promotional activity, the film is a ‘Flow Motion’ video (a term coined by Rob’s Dad). The Norwich video is his first for a UK organisation (other than the BBC).

James Shelton, Marketing Manager at Norwich Cathedral, introducing the new Flo Motion video.

James Shelton, Marketing Manager at Norwich Cathedral, said: “This video took three months to film but the project has been three years in the making. After seeing an article about Rob’s Barcelona video in the EDP on Tuesday 15 July 2014, one of my overriding aspirations upon commencing in this role was to work with Rob on a video to promote the Cathedral. I am so thankful to Rob for his generosity, in gifting his time and expertise to me and this project, and I am beyond excited to see how the video will be received by local people. We’re a proud bunch in this part of the world and I’m confident that anyone who has an affinity for the city will want to see it.”

Filmmaker Rob Whitworth with his BAFTA award!

Filmmaker, Rob Whitworth, said: “Norwich is a beautiful city with so much history. I’ve had a great time exploring and filming some of the sights during this project, experiencing some of the best views of Norwich with the aim of capturing them in the best light. When you live somewhere it’s easy to not appreciate it, so it was cool to see a familiar place with fresh eyes.”

Discover more about Norwich’s wonderful Cathedral for yourself and watch the stunning new Flo Motion video here.

Still from the new Flo Motion video of Norwich by Rob Whitworth.