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Pre school music at Norwich Cathedral.

Cathedral Canaries Pre-school Music Group

Join in the fun and make some noise with the Cathedral Canaries Pre-School Music Group!

The Cathedral Canaries provides an engaging and energetic experience for children to express themselves through singing, dancing and playing. Percussion instruments are used for lots of fun-filled activities including action songs and rhymes, circle games and simple dances and much more.

Sessions take place every Wednesday afternoon during term time 2.00pm – 2.35pm in the Weston Room in the Hostry Visitor & Education Centre. Parents and children are also invited to meet after the group in the Refectory Restaurant & Coffee Shop for a drink and catch up. Sessions are free and donations welcomed.

The group is led by Fiona Hardman who has extensive experience of running children’s classes and has worked with the Pre-school Music Association for the past 16 years. To find out more visit the website (link below) or email Fiona using the details above.

Weston Room in the Hostry Visitor & Education Centre.

Norwich Cathedral, Cathedral Close, Norwich.

Send an email.

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