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Elm Hill in Norwich.

Norwich Live City Treasure Trail

On Sunday, we spent almost 4 hours enjoying and exploring Norwich as we tackled the ‘Norwich Treasure Trail Quest’.

One of our very favourite things to do, we love any excuse to tour the Fine City. A trail of some kind, in our experience, is one of the best ways to do it.

Without giving too much away (that would be cheating!), here’s a brief summary of our experience…

Parking at Bignold School, we set off, having downloaded the trail PDF. We’d wracked our brains a little the previous evening so we at least had an idea of where to start and what we might be up against. (The Trail rules include the fact that you can use the Internet to help solve the clues… BUT don’t expect to be able to do them all online. as we can corroborate, you have to visit most of the locations in person to effectively solve the puzzles).

Over almost 4 hours (including a stop for lunch), we managed to solve 11 of the 24 clues. We walked 9.41 km across the city centre, taking in some lovely sights, framed by the beautiful spring blossom coming into bloom.

We visited places in the City that we’d never really known or paid much attention to before, and definitely learned a thing or two. The clues are of a level that I’d describe as ‘suitably challenging’. They require thought and sometimes had to be revisited a few times before we finally ‘got it’. One (Clue #23), we just couldn’t – and still haven’t managed to – fathom.

Had we started out super-early and persisted into the evening, it is possible that we’d have completed the trail in a day. However, we didn’t, so we’re planning a second day out to complete the trail. You could, I think, cover it in a weekend.

You will (almost certainly) need the Internet, and I suspect it was slightly easier for us knowing the City a bit.

Throw in a few stops for food and drink and you’re looking at a really good weekend in the Fine City – perfect for families or groups, but ideal for anyone who likes a mental and physical test.

Interesting, challenging, stimulating, active and fun, we think that the £25 price tag is really good value for a day or two out enjoying Norwich. Even before you consider the competition element and the prize fund of £200!

The Norwich – A Live City Treasure Trail Quest book of clues is available to purchase here via TTQ Events.

The Treasure and all locations are located inside the inner ring road and the Wensum as far downstream as the Friendship Bridge. This is a live treasure quest which can only be solved in its entirety by visiting the city and hunting for clues.One cash prize of £200.

Closing date is 23.59hrs, Sunday 5th May 2019. Draw takes place 12noon Monday 6th May.

Norwich Treasure Trail Quest.

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