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A new study by contact lens providers Lenstore has revealed the healthiest cities in the UK and globally, by measuring a range of factors including; water quality, average life expectancy, and number of public parks etc.

Norwich narrowly missed the top spot by coming second place in the UK list, beating Sheffield, Cardiff and Belfast. Norwich landed 10th place globally.

Lenstore compared health-related data for 58 major cities across the globe (and 15 from the UK specifically), awarding points to each to inform their rankings.

The Healthy Living factors Lenstore compared included:

  • Adult obesity levels by country in 2023 (avg. of all cities compared in the study is 23.99%)
  • Avg. life expectancy by country (avg. is 80.62)
  • Annual sunshine hours (avg. Is 2041.75)
  • Air Quality (avg. is 54.21)
  • Water Quality  (avg. is 58.21)
  • No. of “Nature and Parks” listed on TripAdvisor per 10,000 residents (avg. is 0.04)
  • No. of “Outdoor Activities” listed on TripAdvisor per 10,000 residents (avg. is 0.25)
  • Happiness score by country per 10,000 residents (avg. is 48.3)
  • Avg. hours worked annually by country per 10,000 residents (avg. is 1,746)
  • Avg. work week by country per 10,000 residents (avg. is 37)
  • Cost of a 1.5L bottle of water (GBP) (avg. is £0.97)
  • Cost of an adult monthly gym membership (GBP) (avg. is £40.01)

Overall, the city scored a total of 430 points out of a possible 684, coming in just 12 points behind the UK’s leading city, Plymouth (442 points) which came in at 9th place globally.

Norwich claimed its place on the list thanks to a long average life expectancy (81.77 years), high air (73.81) and water quality (76.39), a strong happiness score (56 out of a possible 100), and high average life expectancy of residents (81.77 years).

Plymouth was revealed to be the highest scoring UK city on Lenstore’s 2023 Healthy Lifestyle Report (65%).

See Lenstore’s 2023 Healthy Lifestyle Report for more information and a full table of rankings.

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