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Shiatsu in practice at Norwich Shiatsu Centre.

The Shiatsu Centre

Introduction to Shiatsu & Energy Work ~ Saturday 30th May, 10am – 5.30pm
@ Norwich Wellbeing Centre.

An exciting and fun exploration into the principles of Shiatsu, this very practical weekend is great for anyone curious about Shiatsu and energy work or for those of you already practising some form of therapeutic work and interested in broadening your skills.

* Explore the foundations of Shiatsu – Ki and Yin / Yang
* Enjoy sensing and developing Ki awareness
* Learn simple exercises for your own health and wellbeing
* Learn a basic routine to treat friends and family

£50 for the day. Please call the Shiatsu Centre 01603 632555 or email to book your place now.

Neck and Shoulder Clinic ~ Saturday 6th June @ Shiatsu Centre.
If you experience neck or shoulder pain why not treat yourself to a relaxing 30 treatment for £10 to help release the tension. Held at the Shiatsu Centre Norwich. Contact Nicole Bayes to book a slot on 07746 892693. Open to first time clients.

The Shiatsu Centre clinic in Norwich was established in 1986 by internationally renowned Shiatsu practitioner and teacher Clifford Andrews, and was the first dedicated Shiatsu clinic in the UK. It remains the treatment space for some of the most experienced Shiatsu practitioners in the UK.

Shiatsu allows you to experience the benefits of one of the world’s most highly developed bodywork systems. For over five millennia traditional healing methods have documented the links between our physical bodies, our emotions and our mind.

Modern science is now discovering explanations for how the body and mind are linked and how bodywork can facilitate changes at all levels of our lives. Shiatsu is at the forefront of these exciting new developments in health-care and well-being.

Shiatsu is highly effective and deeply relaxing, and regular treatments are beneficial for a wide range of physical issues such as back pain, headaches, digestive problems, whiplash, sports injuries and joint pain, as well as emotional issues including anxiety, insomnia and depression. It’s also great for supporting pregnancy and generally to keep well and manage the stresses of 21st Century living.

Treatments take place on a padded mat on the floor, or on a massage table, and the client remains clothed throughout.  The practitioner uses their hands to apply relaxed pressure to the Meridians (pathways through which energy circulates within our bodies) as well as to specific Acupuncture points.  Gentle stretches and rotations also help to balance the body systems and bring good health to the receiver. Treatments last about an hour.

The Shiatsu Centre is linked to the Norwich branch of the Shiatsu College ( which offers training to individuals interested in becoming practitioners or simply learning about Shiatsu to benefit their own health and well-being. Please call for further details.

The Shiatsu Centre is open Mon – Sat 10am – 6pm.

Acupuncture is also available on Thursdays.

Rates vary for each practitioner, depending on their level of experience. Gift vouchers for treatment are available – please ask.

The Shiatsu Centre.

20a Lower Goat Lane, Norwich, NR2 1EL.

Tel: 01603 632555.

Send an email.

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