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When any statute implies any term into your use of or any arrangement arising out of the accessing of this website and that statute prohibits exclusion of that term, then that term is included. If and to the extent permitted by the statute, however, BBIL and their contractor’s liability for any breach of such term is limited to the resupply of services.

Entries, Inclusions, Feature Articles and Editorial Comment.

Any listings, articles or comments featured on this website or any other websites under the control and operation of BBIL are done so in good faith and whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information used or stated, we cannot be held responsible for judgements formed or arrangements made as a consequence of the information provided, expressed or communicated to you. You should where you feel it necessary, make your own enquiries regarding any statements made or information provided.


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Privacy & Cookies.

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Terms Relating to Advertising on EnjoyNorwich.

A year is defined as 12 calendar months from the day the advert or Listing is published in a hard-copy production by BBIL or is live on one of the BBIL websites. 6 months is defined as 6 calendar months from the day the advert is published. One month is defined as 1 calendar month from the day the advert is published.

All copy, pictures, and the final advert can be pre-approved by the advertiser before publication.

Our policy on advertising is strict in so far as the quality of any advert or message must be in keeping with the website style and general presentation. We reserve the right not to process or include material, which is in our opinion unsuitable for inclusion.

Current rates for advertising and listing on this website can be obtained by contacting BBIL. BBIL reserves the right to modify rates at any time.

The client will be invoiced as soon as the listing or advert has been agreed and must agree to pay the balance prior to the advert being made live, unless otherwise stated.

Any invoices not paid within the 7 days of invoice, will be sent a reminder email. Payments still not received within 48 hours of the email being sent, will be subject to a £39 late payment fee and interest of 3% will be charged daily from the 14th day past invoice, until the date the payment clears our accounts.

This is as per the ‘Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and applies to all contracts agreed after 7 August 2002.

BBIL does not advertise the following: tobacco products, illegal substances, businesses or products known to exploit people or animals, weapons or businesses that manufacture or sell weapons or tools of war, businesses that are believed to or found to engage in illegal practices.

BBIL reserves the right to preserve the user experience of the website, and reserves the right to remove any advertisement which is deemed annoying, offensive and/or harmful to our users at any time.

BBIL makes no guarantee regarding the levels of impressions or clicks for any advert on any of the websites owned by BBIL, nor the business gained through such advertising.

An advertising agreement may be cancelled at any time by written notification to BBIL. A cancelled advert may continue to run for up to 24 hours before such cancellation takes complete effect. There will be no refund of monies paid for adverts cancelled or removed before the originally agreed run duration. Naturally, BBIL will do all that we can to ensure that a mutually agreeable outcome is reached in the event of any dissatisfaction.

Any notice or correspondence from BBIL to you may be delivered by e-mail or post to you at your last known address. Evidence of posting (either electronically or otherwise) shall be taken as evidence of delivery. This agreement shall be governed by English Law.

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