Walking in a Winter Brickland at Castle Quarter in Norwich.

As the Christmas excitement builds be sure to visit Castle Quarter in Norwich this December to catch the extraordinary Walking in a Winter Brickland display. See a life-sized Santa and statues of his polar friends dotted around Castle Quarter – all built from more than 200,000 colourful bricks.

Castle Quarter will welcome the BRICKLIVE Christmas tour from TODAY (Monday 6th December).

An incredible display, these creative, life-sized, and brick-built Christmas figures will create a brilliant backdrop for some festive family photo opportunities. Plus, there will be amazing facts to learn about each animal too. For example, did you know that emperor penguins can dive up to 565 metres deep into the ocean? WOW!

Walking in a Winter Brickland at Castle Quarter in Norwich.

Made from almost 200,000 bricks in total, the BRICKLIVE Walking in a Winter Brickland tour includes a 1.3m tall model of Father Christmas complete with long white beard and glasses. Santa is set to be the stand-out statue of the display and can be seen in the St John’s area (near to PureGym and bridal store Wed2Be). The life-sized creation of the big man himself took three people more than 400 hours to construct using an astonishing 43,968 bricks.

Visitors to Castle Quarter should also look out for:
A polar bear made from 100,715 bricks, located near the White Lion entrance on Level 1.
A reindeer made from 30,791 bricks, near the Cattle Market entrance on Level 2.
An emperor penguin made from 22,578 bricks, near the Castle Meadow entrance Level 2.

Plus, 10 quirky rockhopper penguins forming a trail around several shop windows.

Walking in a Winter Brickland at Castle Quarter in Norwich.

Gemma Hyde, Marketing Manager from Castle Quarter says: “We’re really excited to be the host centre for the Walking in a Winter Brickland event from BRICKLIVE this December, a fantastically festive event that encourages creativity and sparks imagination. BRICKLIVE take their beautifully creative themed brick-built displays on tour all over the globe, so to welcome them here to Castle Quarter in Norwich is a real Christmas treat for us and our visitors. We can’t wait to see everyone’s festive photos and to watch children’s faces light up as they explore the centre and spot these colourful and creative statues. It’s not to be missed!”

If you are visiting Norwich in search of gifts for all the family, stop by Castle Quarter to see the BRICKLIVE Christmas Walking in a Winter Brickland tour between Monday 6th and Sunday 19th December.

A FREE event for all the family, no tickets or booking necessary.

Discover more about this tour here: Walking in a Winter Brickland – Castle Quarter Norwich